Internet är helt fantastiskt!!

Ja, jag vet… jag börjar bli tjatig – men Internet är verkligen helt fantastiskt!!!

Vårens artikel i Advokaten har lett till att jag nu sitter framför dataskärmen med tårarna rinnande. Att vara en förebild för en jurist i en annan del av världen känns bara så underbart!

Jag har fått ok att klippa in korrespondensen – och jag kommer att spara det här inlägget som ett av mina guldkorn. Än en gång – Tack Sanna!

Hej Annika!

I am writing this in English as it is easier for me this way… I have been following your blog here in Finland and your history with a true fascination for the past few weeks now. I have found a role model in you! I myself am a lawyer (jurist) and started my own law office 6 months ago. I have millions of ideas and tons of energy to put them into practice. I am finally in my dream job! Currently I am also studying for my advocacy exams (advokat). 

I have always wondered why it is that lawyers, especially women lawyers seem to be totally unapproachable, even arrogant and rude! This is something that you are not. You are like a fresh breath of air, you seem to be kind and genuine! I personally love people and take pride in looking after my clients as if they were my friends, yet I feel like I am alone with this kind of thinking (among lawyers that is). It’s been totally fascinating to read about your progress, enthusiasm, warmth and sincerety and I have to thank you and applaud you for that!! Who knows, maybe one day I will be in the same situation as you are now: doing what you love, being surrounded by people who you admire and having a successful law firm with constant evolvement going on!! As I said, you are my role model. It seems I had to hit 38 years (birthday on Friday :-D) before coming across a role model in my life… 😉

Take care and keep doing what you are!

Warm regards,

Sanna Svahn

Lakiasiaintoimisto Sanna Svahn Oy

Katiskakuja 7

04300 Tuusula

Hej Sanna,

Eftersom du läser min svenska blogg antar jag att du förstår om jag skriver på svenska.

När jag läser din text kan jag inte hindra tårarna från att rinna. Du anar inte hur glad jag blir av ditt mail!!! Precis det du sätter ord på har varit viktigt för mig att förmedla. Jag vet inte om du läst inlägget om det negativa yttrandet. Många män är fantastiskt ödmjuka – och delar med sig. Tyvärr är andelen generösa kvinnor lägre – men de finns och flera av dem har betytt mycket för mig. Jag inspirera andra och göra skillnad!

Jag har en vision – det är att skapa ett internationellt varumärke och ansluta advokater som delar min värdegrund. Vem vet – kanske är det därför du har kontaktat mig!!!

Vi kan väl hålla kontakten och se var detta landar!

Jag är övertygad om att det behövs en ny sorts advokater i framtiden. Mer mänskliga där värdegrunden är viktigare än pengar!!!

Än en gång – stort tack för ditt mail!!!

(PS – hoppas det är ok att jag sprider vidare detta till mina kollegor!!!)

Med vänlig hälsning

Annika Andebark


Oj, nu rinner tårarna här också… Jag förstår svenska faktiskt helt bra, men skriver det inte så bra… Därför ska jag igen skriva resten på engelska.



Advokaatti-magazine mentioned your name in one of their articles (I can try to find it for you), so I looked up your name on the internet (and the rest is history). The article was about law firms or lawyers using social media for business. So it seems you are known in Finland as well!



It’s funny but I truly believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. Last night I told my husband about how much I admire this Swedish lawyer, who is approachable yet successful. So all night I kept dreaming how I have to write you an email if only to say thank you for being an inspiration! And here we are!



I too believe that clients are looking for a more down-to-earth lawyer who relates to their situation yet can deal with their case professionally and efficiently. It is not taking away anything from the lawyer but instead giving a lot to the client.



And I have already been thinking about why there is no support for those wanting to set up their own law office, whether in form of books, courses, mentoring or other means of help. Although I am still very much learning myself, I have already thought about making some kind of a manual one day for ”newbies”. There is, however, help in the form of mentoring for those who are members of Asianajajaliitto, but as I am not yet an ”advokat”, I am not eligible for such mentoring. My current union (Lakimiesliitto) does not offer such help. So maybe this is why we are now writing to each other, or maybe it’s something else!! I am excited to see where this leads us! Time will tell!



Thank you so much for you reply, and have a lovely ”midsommar”! And as said before, I’ll keep following you and your speedy progress!



Oh, and feel free to circulate my mail to anyone you want! I think you deserve all the acknoledgement you can get!!



Warm regards,




Hej Annika!

Hittade artikeln 


Vänstra hörnet. Översättning till engelska:


Swedish advocat Annika Andebark says, that all lawyers should boldly get into social media. She does not offer free legal advice on the internet, but handles general and principle legal questions in her blog. Blogging has brought her assignments and visibility, as she has been asked to give presentations and interviews.”



This is what I am keen to learn, using social media for marketing as well as offering clients free, easy to understand information. And actually, this is what I am already starting to witness although I’ve been only blogging since April! You seem to be on another level with social media and totally comfortable with it as well. Oh, and forgot to say that one thing I also admire is that you give a very personal touch to your writings. It doesn’t only and always have be about law. You are a person with the same feelings as everyone else, even though you are a ”horrid lawyer”. This is something I am learning, to be brave enough to show a bit of my personal life, feelings and emotions to clients as well. Good luck and keep with it! 








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    1. Nu blir jag ju rent generad ;)… tack….

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