Vad äter man i Nederländerna?

Ost och pannkakor givetvis – men vad mer?

Det bästa med att cykla är maten. Eftersom du hela tiden rör dig är du alltid hungrig och kan äta hur mycket som helst. Med cykeln kommer du utanför turiststråken. I Nederländerna blev kontrasterna mellan små speceributiker och storköp stora.

I Monnickendam är det svårt att ta sig fram med bil. Här är cyklarna många och du cyklar till butiken. Längs den smala gatan hittar vi ostbutiken, brödbutiken och köttbutiken. I Volendam är det annorlunda. Där har bilarna tagit över och storköpen är många. I snabbköpsbutiker är varorna så många fler, plastförpackningarna stora och du tappar kontakten med varans ursprung.

I Utrecht var det ekologisk marknad. Kan man handla maten bättre?

Här kan du se vad vi åt i Nederländerna. Bildtexterna är som vanligt på engelska så att det blir enklare för dima_ershov_13 att läsa, men när jag skrivit dem var inspirationen slut.

Vill du veta mer om maten i Nederländerna – skriv en kommentar så utvecklar jag!


In Edam there are a well-known cheese-market in summer. We found a lovely cheese-shop beside the chanel. Of course they sell Henry Willinger cheese – but much other cheeses.
We found this local cheese-shop in Monnickendam


Rutten sill

You find fish-shops or fish-wagon everywhere. Why do the dutch love this rutten fish?




The first evening in Volendam we tried Kibbeling. I loved it and ate Kibbeling every day in Netherlands. Here the fish-wagon in Marken.
Kibbeling – again … I forgotten the town. Our third Kibbeling and still delicious.

The fish-shop in Arnhem – open even Saturday evening. The most expensive Kibbeling on this journey.

Purmerend was I nice town with many restaurants around a big marketplace. We prefer Kibbeling.


… och annan fisk

In Monnickendam we also found this smokehouse there we bought a smoked mackerel
Where should we eat in Amsterdam. Perhaps the best thing is to take something fast and fried. I want real food and found John Dory at tripadvisor
Not in the center – but a beautiful house.
We chose the small menu – four small dishes for 40 our. It taste wonderful!



In Nijmegen we found this house near the Valkhof. We was told that it is the oldest house in Nijmegen. The stocks are dated to 1327 and 1333. Today they serve pancakes here. I don’t think a pancake can be more delicious than Via Gladiola.
This pancake – I miss word to describe this – you must taste Via Gladiola.
I never thought about pancakes like this. More like a pizza.
There was serval of pancakes so we asked from the most sold.
This is Omke Steven – really nice – but not so perfect as Via Gladiola.


You see this waffles everywhere. In some cheese-shop you can try them free.
In Arnhem there was a long queue in front of this place and it smells lovely from the warm waffles.
Very sweet – I prefer small pieces cold.


Mjuk pepparkaka

This cake is very special for Netherlands. It taste like swedish gingerbread but are soft.



The most food in Amsterdam seem to be sweet or fried. A bit from the center we found the Soup bar. We try tomato soap … it was ok but not so delicious as my own … or the soup in Weener.
The soup bar seems to be very popular among young people.
I really like the ecological thoughts at Conscious Hotel Vondelpark.
But why do you need plastic straw?
In Utrecht we found this ecological market.

Nuts, oats and much more can you buy here. You get lower price if you bring your own packaging.
This man told us that he visit this market every Friday and but the most of the food here. He always bring his own packaging. In he was not alone!


Friterat och snabbmat

In Rhenen is the cars everywhere. We couldn’t find any nice restaurant and it was Sunday. No shops and hungry cyclists. So we checked tripadvisor and found this place. Not our type of food – but the Cesarsallad was good.


Strössel på mackan

This is the breakfast in Wijk bij Duurstede. Everywhere we found sweet sprinkles for the sandwich. Some shops has a whole wall of sprinkles in different colours and tastes. (Here you have two different colours beside the orange juice.)


Our best way to eat! We love local markets and buy different things to try. Then we found a beautiful place like this we take a break. Our favourite is paprika, cheese, tomatoes, tunafish in olive oil.