Julstämning i Ystad

The 20th of December I took the train to Ystad.

Ystad fick en vit jul. Det tillhör ovanligheterna i Skåne.

När äggen var skalade och salladen klar fanns det inte mycket jag kunde göra hos mina föräldrar innan barnen med respektive skulle komma. Jag drog på kängorna och gav mig ut.

Ystad är verkligen en underbar stad oavsett väder. Det gick helt enkelt inte att låta de här bilderna ligga oanvända, så jag la upp nästan alla här på bloggen.

Min trognaste läsare är Dimitr i Ryssland – därför är bildtexterna på engelska.

Med detta inlägg önskar jag Dig en god fortsättning på julen!

Usually we have green Christmas in Skåne nowadays. But the 23th of December big snow flakes fell from the sky.  The old waterpower was builded 1914 and are still the highest building in Ystad (67 meters).
I just had to take a walk and have this winter feeling.
Surbrunnsparken founded 1896. Even before this people visit the park to drink healthy water.
Today you can rent the park for parties.
I just love Ystad with all the trees.
The library is from 1983. Ivy is climbing in the trees.
Behind the library you find the Österport school. In the Middle ages was here the east gate to the town.
The old part of Österport-school is from 1914.
Opposite the Österport-school you find the new Town hall. 1813-1814 the Councilor of Commerce, Carl Martin Lundgren, built this house as a residence. 1872-1914 it was used as school. Today the municipality use the building.
In the east from east gate square you find the well known cafe Söderberg & Sara.
In the end of Regementsgatan you found the military buildings (1812-1997). Because of that Starshine had a lot of guests until 1997 then the military left the town.
Between Eastgate square and Big square there are a pedestrian street.
Per Helsas merchant yard is one of the old houses in Ystad. You can read more in the link bellow.
Before you found many shops with clothes along this street. The Internet change this and now you find hairdressers and beuty salons in many of the ”clothes shops”.
There also are serval restaurants and cafes along the street. Then I was young this was a very special cafe with the old furniture.
This is the latest closed clothes shop.
I hope the residents take care of this clotheshop.
I don’t remember the name of this house – but I think it is really beautiful. Then I was young here was a bank in this house. There I learn how to work.
Tiger has very cheap thing – this day they sell christmas things for 10 sek.
Bäckströms hattar is one of Swedens biggest shops for hats. See more in the link bellow.
Birgittakapellet is one of the oldest buildings in Ystad. Until 1870 a river pass between this house. Because of serval flooding they raised the ground level around 1-2 meters. The house was builded around 1500 probably as a warehouse with place for meetings in the top. Between 1600-1700 the house was a part of a mayoral yard and it was at this place king Karl XII lived then he visit Ystad 1699-1716. (See more in the link to Länsstyrelsen bellow.)
Underneath the old town hall you find a Medival celler. (Behind the town hall you se the top of the Maria church)
In Ystad you have buildings form serval times. Here you see the pedestrian street towards the east gate square. As long as I remember there have been a china restaurant in the left house. Today you find Lindex at the right. Then I was young there was a nice Domus. Times changes.
From the Big Square you can follow the Hamngatan to the harbour with ferries to Poland and Bornholm. You also have the railway station near the harbour. This beautiful house is Sparbanken Syd – a local bank there I worked 1992-2002.
The center of Ystad has still the old street network from Medival age.
The Mariachurch was grounded around 1200.
Latinskolan (at the left) also from the 1500
The bank-house from the other side of the square
Every time I visit Ystad I find new places I want to visit.
Look at this beautiful details.
Still a man blow in the horn every night from the church tower just to tell the inhabitants that he don’t see anything dangerous from the tower.
This they called ”Tvätt-torget” a place for washing clothes. This house is from 1640 and called Jens Jacobsens house. You can read more about it bellow.
The Mayor house from around 1500 was moved to the area around the monastery
With this picture from the dam in front of the Monestary I wish You a good ending of the Year. I hope you will following me 2019!


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